Study Of Loneliness

September 15, 2006


Study of Loneliness


A guardian of long-distance conduits in the desert?

A one-man crew of a fortress in the sand?

Whoever he was. At dawn he saw furrowed mountains

The color of ashes, above them melting darkness,

Saturated with violet, breading into fluid rouge,

Till they stood, immense, in the orange light.

Day after day. And, before he noticed, year after year.

For whom, he thought, that splendor? For me alone?

Yet it will be here long after I perish.

What is it in the eye of a lizard? Or when seen by a migrant bird?

If I am all mankind, are they themselves without me?

And he knew there was no use crying out, for none of them would save







Poet: Czeslaw Milosz

Country: Poland

Translation: Czeslaw Milosz & Lillian Vallee

Landscape Photograph: Terra Galleria

Photographer: Quang-Tuan Luong

Terra Gallaria

Dancing in the Tunnel : Tohil Trevino

Tohil Trevino




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2 Responses to “Study Of Loneliness”

  1. What a coincidence Kim! I just published my notes on Loneliness! This shows I getting too much Influenced by your company! (cough! cough!)

    really lovely piece!

  2. kimtelas said


    Do you have a cold???

    What would too much influence be?

    Maybe too much is when you get a cough from it!

    I have things to say on your blog, it will have to wait. The job beckons. Not to be confused with work, work is not always the job and job is not always work. Yes?

    Thanks you for being my fan club.


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