Woman In Love

September 14, 2006



Partial Eclipse Dan Bush


Yes I long for
you, I glide,

losing myself,
out of my own hand,


without hope of conquering


what comes to
me, as if out of your side,


grave and stark
and undeterred.


…back then: O
how complete I was,


nothing calling,
nothing that divulged me:


my stillness was
like a stone’s


over which the brook
makes its murmuring.


But now in these
spring weeks


something has
slowly broken off


from the dark
unconscious year.


Something has
given my poor warm life


into the hand of
someone random


who doesn’t know
what even yesterday I was.



Poet: Rainer Maria Rilke

Country: Germany

Translation: Edward Snow

Photograph: Partial Eclipse by Dan Bush



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2 Responses to “Woman In Love”

  1. Wow! where do you find these! I think my day is not complete untill I spent sometime here. This poem is close to being called Love is woman!

  2. kimtelas said

    Hi Suresh,

    I have books. Lots of books. When my mother was visiting last summer she told me that I had too many books. I looked at her, too bad I cannot post the look on my face, and said: There is no such thing!

    I do use the library. But some things need to be there when you need them. So, I have a lot of poetry books.

    The images are sought when I visualize a feeling from the poem. I also enter my thoughts into google images and see what I come up with! Pretty amazing treasures are discovered in this way!

    So, sometimes the images I match with the writing are taken literally then my senses take over or I see what the poem would look like, then I seek the image.

    Yes, I identify with this poems completely.

    Sometimes, when we are still enough, we do find what we need.

    Take care,


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