Love Hides

September 14, 2006

Blowing Curtain Linda Butler


love hides


love hides

in folds

of drapes,

behind car doors



within houses,

tethered in asylums,

behind masks,

beckoning the challenge.




can you love me?

will you love me?

prove you love to me?

can you be love?



love incarcerated

are memories enslavement.



cellular suppression,

the body’s anguish



screaming for

warm touch,

the light in the dark,

the love in the sex.


love hides

within this core of

fragments entwining,

woven moments.


love is


our shining

into death







Artist: Linda Butler

Gallery: DeSantos Gallery



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2 Responses to “Love Hides”

  1. I can’t prove you I love you

    but it’s in my garden flower

    It’s in moutain soil

    it’s in rain outside

    come and dance with me in rain
    may be you can feel my love but still
    I can’t show you my love.

  2. kimtelas said


    Take me to the river…

    Take me to the rock…

    Take me to the flower….

    Take me to the garden…..

    Take me to the dirt…….

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