Tracey Moffat~Story Teller

September 11, 2006




Something More

Tracey Moffat

Look what I found Ma! After babbling about Tracey Moffat, it occurred to me that I should share Tracey with tthose who might not know her.

Tracey is a storyteller. Reading her photo stories was demanding for me. I had to be not do, I had to see not think. I could only think after I could see as truly as I was capable of, which, in my mind, is a bit limited. There is nothing expected in her work. Her vision blurs the line between poetry and photography, illusion, delusion, and stark reality. All these collide and mesh into one moment for me.

She takes you into her story in a way that I am not sure how to describe.

I love flowers. I am actually a flower junkie. I love pictures of flowers, all of them, well, almost all of them. I can look at a flower and exhale; the photograph of an iris does not require me to read it the same way Moffat exacts our attention. That does not detract from the experience for me, but looking at Tracey’s stories insists on more from me

Take a gander.

See what you can see.

Tracey MOffat

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