On Any Other Day…

September 10, 2006

..it would be fine to have a broken heart, to have no money, to feel the losses, to loose the keys, to burn the gourmet meal, to be in the wrong  line (The perpetual quest for the right line,that is another purging.), to feel like you have no say, to feel like your love sucks, to loose your illusions, your delusions, to hate your job, hate yourselves, to love too much, to loose all the papers you just graded, a dead car, a new un-registered car, to lose your love for someone because of your own needs, to love someone too much, to not have the rent money, to bounce your first car payment, to lose your job…..ad infinitum….

But, here is the thing.

There is no other day.

There is just now.

Who do I write to about this?

And why am I awake at 3:25 AM prattling about this?

I bet that letter goes to a different department. Uh huh.


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