Fall Into Floating

September 10, 2006


Colored Smoke Two


Graham Jeffrey

Colored Smoke Two

Sensitive Light


I am just awakening after another insomniatic night,
morning? And I roll through my bookmarks, seeking my Sunday morning moment, a healing moment please I say to the universe at large. I fall into light and sensitivity. I recognize that photography involves skill but it is like becoming a therapist, you need to posses the primal soup ingredients, the rest you learn. Have you ever plopped onto a feather bed? Onto something so soft and unexpected that you released weeks of tensions, maybe even from past lives?

Welcome to my experience of Graham Jeffrey.

Enjoy the float.


Sensitive Light

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3 Responses to “Fall Into Floating”

  1. sureshg said

    Wow! one more great link from you. What can I say -Can i say thanks to you once for all after my millionth Visit! Great blog.

  2. KIm Your comments and blog are so profund that I need you to add to my Blogroll. Hope you don’t Mind.

  3. kimtelas said


    Of course, not need to ask.

    I am glad you are enjoying my version of a ride.

    Take care,


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