Amar Khoday Line Blur Art Culture

September 10, 2006


Chillin' Amar Khoday


Amar Khoday. I tripped over Omar, like most of our finds,
those of us who compulse for the expressive. He stopped my forward motion to collect. I sat there looking at culture, his photography, and the art within the photos. For me, there is as a coalescence in these photos.

He balances the blur of motion with the line of the moment.
I can feel movement and I can also see, feel the photo. I do not miss anything due to the passing motion.

I liked him immediately, which does not happen all the time.
Sometimes I am so uncomfortable that I have to ease my way into someone’s art I know the discomfort and being in the tension will bring prizes.

With Omar I was sucked in.

Wander his page and see what you find.

Amar Khoday

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2 Responses to “Amar Khoday Line Blur Art Culture”

  1. sureshg said

    I love your blog and the kind of work you are doin. Your Compassion towards good artists and good bloggers really is heart warming. I have been fan of Amar khoday’s work for a long time. Thanks for sharing the same. If you have some free time pls visit my blog and I would like to your comments. Your comments are important and valuable to me.

  2. kimtelas said


    Oh my,I never expected someone to even read or look at this blog. How surprised and inspired I was to receive yours. Thank you. I glimpsed your site and I could certainly ponder there and express.

    It is a time of grieving in my life and your note was the medicine.

    Until next time.


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