Andrea Modica

September 7, 2006

I tripped over this woman on someone else’s blog. I am disturbed, mesmerized, repulsed, taken in, and completely involved when I look at these photos. I began to wonder what an actual exhibit, with full sized hanging photographs, would feel like. I do not have all the words for Andrea and my response to her. My experience of her work is even more language elusive. I am taken by my own fascination.

I think this would be a perfect exhibit to see with my friend Kara. Once we went to view a Tracy Moffat show. View cannot even cover it. She has a wall of photos telling the story of a women’s roller derby event. Afterwards, at the end, in front of the last photo, Kara asked, “Who’s in charge?” I said, ” I have no idea.” I commute and this is where shit ferments. I called her up a few days later and said: The game is in charge. She accused me of reading the book I purchased at the museum store.

I still haven’t read it and that was 5 years ago!

So, you tell me. Who is in charge of this story Andrea is telling?

Edelman Gallery Exhibit Monica Modica


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